OCD Obsessive cat disorder

OCD Obsessive cat disorder

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Orders in multiples of 8
- A6 size card 148mm x 105mm
- Quality pearlescent paper giving a beautiful shimmering effect
- Hand finished rounded corners
- Pearlescent pearl envelope
- Hand packed in 
self seal cello bags
- Individual GS1 barcodes for retailers with POS systems

Description on the reverse of the card:

OCD Obsessive Cat Disorder.

Although most people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder acknowledge their irrational traits, they are left with the believe that the only way to relieve their anxiety is to perform the compulsions. Sadly, any relief provided is temporary, frustratingly reinforcing the obsession and creating a worsening cycle of OCD. As for people with Obsessive Cat Disorders, we await studies to be published relating to our four legged feline friends.

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